BME 301A - Quantitative Physiology I

A course (lectures and supervised laboratory sections) designed to elaborate the physiological background necessary for advanced work in biomedical engineering. A quantitative model-oriented approach to physiological systems is stressed. Topics include nerve action potentials; electromyography; skeletal muscle mechanics. Prerequisites: BME 140, CSE 131 or 200, ESE 230, Biol 3058 (Previously Biol 3050 or 3059), ESE 317, or permission of instructor. Corequisites: EP 310 or permission of instructor.

BME 5910 - Reverse Engineering the Human Brain

This course will investigate classic and current research that identifies the processes by which the human brain transforms, estimates, and adapts to underlie mental and physical behavior. We will consider how these studies succeed or fail to identify the systemic properties that make us human. The focus will be on behavioral approaches, but we will also integrate into our study physiological, neurological, and imaging approaches.

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