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Journal Articles


Webb AB, Fetch CR, Israel E, Roman CM, Encarnación CH, Zacks JM, Thoroughman KA, and Herzog ED
Science outreach by graduate students is professional development
Advances in Physiological Education, in press (2012).

Semrau JA, Daitch AL, and Thoroughman KA
Environmental experience within and across testing days determines the strength of human visuomotor adaptation
Experimental Brain Research, in press (2012).

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Beside the point: motor adaptation without feedback-based error correction in task-irrelevant conditions
Journal of Neurophysiology, in press (2012).

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Motor Adaptation Scaled by the Difficulty of a Secondary Cognitive Task
PLoS ONE, 3(6): e2485 (2008).

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The trial-by-trial transformation of error into sensorimotor adaptation changes with environmental dynamics
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The influence of viscous loads on motor planning
Journal of Neurophysiology, 98: 870-877 (2007).

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Divided attention impairs human motor adaptation but not feedback control
Journal of Neurophysiology, 98, 317-326 (2007).

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Motor Adaptation to Single Force Pulses: Sensitive to Direction but Insensitive to Within-Movement Pulse Placement and Magnitude
of Neurophysiology, 96, 710-720 (2006).

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Rapid Reshaping of Human Motor Generalization
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Flexible control of flexible objects. Focus on "An experimentally confirmed mathematical model for human control of a non-rigid object"
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Activity-dependent modification of inhibitory synapses in models of rhythmic neural networks
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Learning of action through adaptive combination of motor primitives
Nature, 407, 742-747 (2000).

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Journal of Neuroscience, 19, 8573-8588 (1999).

Book Chapters
Abbott L.F., Thoroughman K.A., Prinz A.A., Thirumalai V., and Marder E.
Activity-dependent modification of intrinsic and synaptic conductances in neurons and rhythmic networks.
In Modeling Neural Development. A van Ooyen (Ed.), MIT Press, 2003.

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In Biomechanics and Neural Control of Posture and Movement. J.M. Winters and P.E. Crago, (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, 2000.

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